Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Stanford Impact Labs welcomes its inaugural cohort of postdoctoral fellows who are working in partnership with research labs across Stanford University to address some of the most challenging social problems: racial and gender bias in the workplace; political polarization in the United States; and poverty and violence in Central America.

Fellows have the opportunity to contribute to the research goals of the lab in which they are working by engaging in collaborative, impact-focused research, while advancing their own scholarship and public impact research skills. The program is intended to also elevate the scientific insights of our fellows and participating labs, and public impact scholarship more broadly, growing the community and pipeline of scholars dedicated to tackling social problems through science.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity for 2022 - 23 with POVGOV lab.

2021 Postdoctoral Fellows:

VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab
VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab
Polarization and Social Change Lab
Poverty, Violence, and Governance Lab

2021 participating research labs:

VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab, a collaborative community working to understand the specific barriers faced by women of different racial and ethnic backgrounds in the workplace, and implementing and evaluating interventions to increase women’s representation, persistence, and inclusion in male and white dominated learning and work environments, led by Shelley Correll, Professor of Sociology and Organizational Behavior.

Polarization and Social Change Lab, a research team exploring how to most effectively promote depolarization in the context of stark polarization in the United States, part of the lab’s broader research agenda on political polarization; framing, messaging, and persuasion; political dimensions of inequality; social movement mobilization; and online political behavior, led by Robb Willer, Professor of Sociology, Psychology, and Organizational Behavior.

Poverty, Violence, and Governance Lab (POVGOV), an action-oriented research lab enhancing transparency and democratic accountability of law enforcement and criminal justice systems, and offering solutions to lawlessness and violence; with new projects on Temporary Worker Programs and their promise to simultaneously combat poverty and violence, led by Beatriz Magaloni, Professor of Political Science.