Stage 2: Test Solutions

Up to $800,000 for a maximum 3 years

Stage 2: Test Solutions

Putting Science to Work

Our second investment stage funds teams that are (1) working in partnership, and (2) focused on developing and testing solutions in real-world settings. These projects are not defined by their method and therefore reflect a variety of different approaches. Some examples of Stage 2 impact labs include:

  • A South Asian engineering firm, a Bangladesh-based research institute and Stanford's Luby Lab working together to rigorously evaluate a new approach to reducing pollution from brick kilns in Bangladesh
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Stanford's RegLab testing whether analysis of new data sources–like satellite technology–can improve detection of environmental noncompliance and ultimately improve environmental enforcement.  

Stage 2: Test Solutions provides flexible funding for teams to develop and test solutions in collaboration with external partners. Maybe this means launching a pilot program. Maybe it means a research team deploying an innovative data-driven approach to a core challenge area from within a partner organization. Teams often use the funds to hire professional staff, fund data collection, or support partner costs.

To be eligible for Stage 2 funding, teams must have made significant progress defining the problem space, have a specific solution or solutions in mind, and have a strong partnership in place. Successful Stage 2: Test Solutions investments will have advanced the frontiers of knowledge on a particular solution, while taking tangible steps along their path from science to impact.

For more detailed information about eligibility, selection criteria, application requirements, and budget guidelines, please review our Stage 2: Test Solutions Request for Proposals (RFP). SIL accepts Stage 2 applications each year in September / October.