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Climate Change and Housing Insecurity

As with other disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes or volcanoes, the effects of climate change, including increased wildfires and flood, will disproportionately impact marginalized groups. Jenny Suckale, assistant professor of geophysics, is leading a collaboration between Our Communities Our Bay and local, regional and California state-wide partners to understand the possible outcomes of climate change in these communities and develop equitable adaptation strategies. “Communities know a lot about the problem they struggle with, what is holding them back and how they could move forward,” she said. “Rather than me coming up with a solution that I try to enforce, we sit down and have a dialogue as equals.” The group will work primarily with those on the verge of homelessness, a population that tends to be left out of climate change mitigation planning.

Principal Investigators: Jenny Suckale, Stanford Earth; Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Stanford Earth

Co-Principal Investigators: Jack Baker, Civil and Environmental Engineering; David Grusky, Sociology; Bruce Cain, Political Science

Research Team: Derek Ouyang, Future Bay Initiative

Partners: Climate Resilient Communities