About SIL's Programs

Pioneering New Pathways

A vital component of our work is the education and training programs we run for faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and PhD students. Our programs support scholars with the resources and skills necessary to conduct research in partnership with public or civic organizations.

Industry and environment

Our work is animated by three key principles:

  • We aim to develop a pipeline of scholars equipped with the necessary skills to work closely with governments, industry, philanthropy, and nonprofit institutions to generate evidence and insights that are put into practice. 

  • We believe that by uniting practitioner experience and academic expertise on teams positioned to generate, test, apply, and scale insights and innovations, new frontiers of progress become possible for people and societies. 

  • We seek to build a culture at research institutions like Stanford that embraces a focus on tangible and scalable solutions to real-world problems.

Through curricula, fellowships, and experiential learning opportunities, we help scholars develop research projects that are practical, rooted in co-creation, and able to directly shape the design of new programs or policies.