Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Opportunity for 2022-23

Stanford Impact Labs is accepting applications for a one year postdoctoral appointment within the PovGov lab

The Poverty, Violence and Governance Lab (POVGOV) generates foundational action-oriented research to provide solutions to lawlessness and violence, seeking to evaluate programs and policies designed to contain violence, enhance the transparency and democratic accountability of law enforcement and criminal justice systems and constrain human right abuses.  POVGOV is also starting new projects on the analysis of Temporal Worker Programs and their promise to simultaneously combat poverty and violence.  

The postdoctoral fellow will be supervised by Prof. Beatriz Magaloni and will collaborate with research scholars, staff, and PhD students affiliated with the lab. Mentorship of the Postdoctoral Associate will be structured according to research and professional interests.

Please see the job description for more information and how to apply.