Our Network

Stanford Impact Labs works with an exceptional network of scholars and practitioners from government, businesses, nonprofits, community and philanthropic organizations around the world. 

Current Start-Up Impact Lab partners include:


We also regularly engage leaders outside the university for advice and ideas and to participate in our competitive investment selection process. We have benefited from the insights and efforts of individuals from government, philanthropy, think tanks, advocacy organizations, educational institutions, and technology and design firms.


Philanthropy: Arnold Ventures,  Co-Impact, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Silver Giving Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, SVCreates, Women’s Foundation of California.

Policy-focused labs and centers: UC Berkeley’s People Lab, The Lab @DC in Washington DC’s Mayor’s Office, the UK-based Behavioral Insights Team, Blue Ridge Labs, New Urban Mechanics, Urban Habitat, STIR Labs of City Innovate.

Schools and education nonprofits: Beyond 12, the Center for Higher Education Leadership, Menlo Park City School District’s Educational Services, Challenge Success, California Education Partners, the Institute for College Access & Success.

Nonprofit research and advocacy organizations: New America, Partnership for Public Service, It’s On Us, Scholars Strategy Network, The Institute for College Access & Success, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR).

Technology and design firms: Apple, Boston Consulting Group, Complete Wellness Solutions, Studio O, TechEquity Collaborative, Facebook, the Sobrato Organization, pymetrics, Facebook, Box, Cisco, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Verizon.