PhD Fellow

Preeti Srinivasan


Stanford Profile

Department: Graduate School of Business

Nir Halevy Research Lab


Drivers and barriers to expressing allyship: Identity-oriented social movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo have changed the way that individuals relate to one another with respect to trust and diversity issues. Yet despite significant financial investments and social prescriptions for addressing DEI in the workplace, actors who engage in DEI behaviors are sometimes met with skepticism and distrust by perceivers. Why do we trust some actors more than others? How can we build long-lasting trust when we engage in DEI behaviors? This summer, we plan to conduct a series of experiments and field studies to understand these questions, as we examine how perceivers judge who has the “right” to speak about and act upon diversity-related issues, and how actors can build trust as they engage in DEI behaviors and attempt to promote positive social change.