PhD Fellow

Michelle Ng


Stanford Profile

Department: Communication

Future Bay Initiative


Inclusive climate adaptation: Enactment of climate justice requires that the processes by which the world adapts to climate change be procedurally just – uplifting the needs, values, and aspirations of frontline communities. This summer, we begin work with a community-based organization in East Palo Alto. In the face of rising sea levels and a suite of other climate impacts, Climate Resilient Communities (CRC) facilitates community participation in activities that promote locally led resilience planning and climate adaptation. Our collaborative research project specifically focuses on the near-term goals of developing a Community Engagement Guide. Drawing from a literature review, observations of community dialogues, interviews with the CRC team and community participants, and data obtained from CRC’s climate vulnerability assessments, we aim to capture and share CRC’s knowledge and experiences promoting equity in climate adaptation with a wide range of community-based organizations that are also trying to enact climate justice.