PhD Fellow

Kia Turner


Stanford Profile

Department: Graduate School of Education

Black Academic Development (BAD) Lab


Youth punishment system or "prison regime" in and outside of schools: In 2020 the state of New York imprisoned 284 children, 138 of whom were Black and 66 of whom were Latinx.  Collaborating with the youth-led Peer Defense Project, we hope to launch a diagnostic survey engaging Black and other minoritized and criminalized youth in New York City to better understand their experiences with the criminal legal system and the education system in New York. The survey will help the Peer Defense Project’s aims to “reclaim students’ legal rights using intergenerational tools to support student movements” and “abolish youth incarceration” by identifying opportunities for political education that will help Black and other minoritized youth build movements that support not only the abolition of youth prisons, but also will incorporate an abolitionist ethic in New York City schools that helps to grow and support Black and Brown students rather than exclude and push them towards our criminal legal system.