Kate Green Tripp


Kate Green Tripp is the director of strategic communications and outreach at Stanford Impact Labs. She oversees editorial projects, media strategy, messaging, and events with the goal of showcasing the critical work of impact lab teams, community and government partners, faculty, and fellows. An editor with an early career serving social justice initiatives in South Africa, Australia, and the U.S., Kate has dedicated her professional life to shaping stories about ideas that matter. Before SIL, Kate was a senior editor at Medium, where she helped launch Elemental, a health and science publication featuring deeply reported, rigorous features and perspectives from discerning voices.


Kate follows emerging research and trends around behavior and well-being, health innovation, and social problem-solving and has worked in editorial collaboration with a wide array of writers and industry leaders to chronicle vital conversations about our ever-changing world. Kate is a mother, a student of contemplative practice, and a nature enthusiast. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and a Master’s degree in social policy from the University of Sydney. Once upon a time, Kate completed her 1L year at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law (before redirecting that path) and has since taught many, many yoga classes.