PhD Fellow

Eric Neumann


Stanford Profile

Department: Psychology

Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab


Trust building and crime mitigation: Crime has long been an issue in the U.S., but most approaches to reducing crime focus on punishment. In this summer project, we explore whether crime can actually be reduced by extending trust towards those perceived as higher risk of committing a crime, including those from neighborhoods with a high prevalence of crime, and individuals who have previously committed minor crimes. To study these effects, we are currently considering a collaboration with the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance to see how police might reduce crime if they are trained to treat higher risk individuals as trustworthy. We are also considering a collaboration with Advance Peace, which offers daily check-ins and job opportunities, offering a chance for their community members to prove themselves trustworthy. Advance Peace has achieved a 66% reduction in firearm assaults with this approach in the Richmond area.