PhD Fellow

Crystal Moore


Stanford Profile

Department: Graduate School of Education

SFUSD African American Leader Study


High principal turnover in urban and low-income schools: San Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUSD) two-year Transformative Leadership Through Equity and Excellence (TLEE) administrator training program is working to improve its leadership pipeline. During a previous study, African American principals and assistant principals talked about the benefits of TLEE and its impact on their careers. The proposed summer project will explore how effective TLEE has been as an intervention designed to improve school leader tenure. It seeks to begin to answer the following question: What relationships exist between the TLEE program, the use of anti-racist practices among school leaders, and ultimately leadership retention in SFUSD? This study will implement both ethnographic fieldwork and a survey instrument to measure the efficacy of TLEE as an intervention, including longitudinal assessment of changes in attitudes regarding discrimination, antiracist pedagogy and growth mindset in leadership practices.