PhD Fellow

Carrie Townley-Flores

2020 AND 2021 PHD FELLOW

Carrie Townley-Flores is the Director of Research and Partnerships for the Rapid Online Assessment of Reading (ROAR). She joined the project with extensive experience working in schools, alongside experience with academic research in collaboration with schools. In her role, she seeks out and establishes new partnerships and co-leads partnership meetings with school leaders to establish mutual research and design directions. She works closely with the Director of Scientific Software Engineering to ensure that the ROAR is developed with the needs of both the schools and research teams.

As a 2020 and 2021 SIL PhD Fellow, Carrie worked with the New York State Education Department to support students’ recovery from the pandemic and to improve educational equity across the state. She mapped trends in educational opportunities and racial/ethnic and economic inequalities across the state and supported grants to turn rich, student-level, longitudinal data into articles and reports that would be immediately useful to the NY State Education Department in evaluating opportunities to support recovery and improve equity.