PhD Fellow

Candice Kim


Stanford Profile

Department: Graduate School of Education

Center to Support Excellence in Teaching


Examining the systemic push out mechanisms in the medical education pipeline that drives underrepresentation of marginalized folks within the profession: There is a pressing need to diversify the medical profession to care for an increasingly diverse population. Despite national awareness and efforts, Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students continue to be underrepresented in medicine (URM) with the combined percentage of URM academic medicine physicians increasing by only 1% in the last 20 years. The approach of current interventions builds from the assumptions that URM students need to be fixed so the programs typically focus on improving URM students’ academic performance. Consequently the orientation is that that URM students, rather than the system itself, need to be fixed. We seek to examine: (1) the mechanisms, at the intersection of racism and ableism, that lead to their push out; and (2) the processes that exacerbate and ameliorate their experiences of push out