New Tool Could Point Immigrants to Spot in Canada Where They’re Most Likely to Succeed (Toronto Star)

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Toronto Star reporter Nicholas Keung writes about the work of Stanford's Immigration Policy Lab and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to pilot a new algorithm to match immigrants with communities  where they are most likely to do well. The impact lab, AI for Immigrant Integration, is one of six to receive start-up funding from Stanford Impact Labs in 2021.

From the article:

Where should a newcomer with a background in banking settle in Canada?

What about an immigrant who’s an oil-production engineer?

Or a filmmaker?

Most newcomers flock to major Canadian cities. In doing so, some could be missing out better opportunities elsewhere.

A two-year-old research project between the federal government and Stanford University’s Immigration Policy Lab is offering hope for a tool that might someday point skilled immigrants toward the community in which they’d most likely flourish and enjoy the greatest economic success.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is eyeing a pilot program to test a matching algorithm that would make recommendations as to where a new immigrant might settle, department spokesperson Remi Lariviere told the Star.

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