Affiliated Labs and Faculty Network

The goal of the Stanford Impact Labs’ affiliate network is to build a community that shares a common mission to tackle tough social problems using science to inform both policy and practice. We hope to:

  • Strengthen connections of individuals and teams involved in this work across the Stanford campus. 
  • Elevate and share the narrative of this community’s work through a common brand and platform. 
  • Provide affiliated labs with access to resources relevant to their work.

Stanford Impact Labs does not yet offer its affiliate network shared services (such as administrative, legal, HR, communications, or IT support), but we aspire to build more offerings in the coming years.

We will regularly update affiliates on internal funding opportunities and Stanford Impact Labs-sponsored events (annual or quarterly events, lunch series, etc.) We will also invite affiliated labs and faculty to participate in our review processes and to provide mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students.

All members of our affiliate network -- both labs and faculty -- share a belief in the power of research to fuel real-world impact. In particular, Stanford Impact Labs affiliates share a commitment to: 

  • Problem-focused research
  • Working in partnership with leaders in the public, non-profit, or private sectors
  • Focusing on impact (e.g. new policies, programs, practices, or products) beyond the production of knowledge alone
  • Pursuing a model of team science engaging faculty, graduate students, staff, and potentially others in a shared research agenda/approach

To join our affiliate network, please submit your information here. Note that our faculty network is currently inclusive of academic council faculty and their associated labs or centers.